Basile Leroy

Web Developer

JavaScript, React.js, Node.js,
PHP, Laravel,

Belgium, Ghent
Dutch, French, English

About me


A path that started with carpentry, and ended up in web development.
When I had to step away from my previous profession and started looking for something new to do,
I found a simple tutorial in how to make a discord chat bot from scratch.
Out of curiosity, I started making one and before I knew, I was swallowed by this world of programming.

I immediately signed up for a course for full stack web development, and now the real journey begins!


Not too long ago, I had close to no knowledge about programming.
Now, I have mastered the ability to create amazing things in multiple languages!
How far I have gotten up until now, I can only explain by a mix of interest, wanting to learn, motivation and dedication.

Sociable, teamplayer, client-oriented, .. Those are badges I wear with honor.